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Squad Ogre

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Squad Ogre

Post  Shrek on 12/6/2012, 11:57

Just like an onion, I've got layers and I make people cry...

My name is Fahri (call sign: Shrek), and I've been involved with paintball in one way or another for over 20 years. I found Danger Close in early 2011, and signed on looking for a team that like to play hard, but didn't take itself so seriously that it couldn't also just relax and have fun. DC was bang-on.

I operate as one of the squad's SAW gunners, though I'm kitted-out to play just about any kind of paintball you could think of, which has saved a few squad mates when their own gear has gone down mid-game. I tend to be easy to spot on the field, both visually and audibly. You know you're moving too slow if I'm in front of you yelling "Move Up!"...

I am typically armed with some flavour of Tippmann X7 Phenom (I own 3 currently) and a Tiberius 9.1 in a pistol configuration. You might also sometimes catch me with "Big Beula", my M203 launcher. I usually have some kind of ordinance handy (paint grenades, smoke, powder), meaning the squad Sappers and I are often found commiserating on the finer points of things that go BANG!...

Along with Sensei Bushmaster, I also tech equipment for myself and fellow squad mates. While I don't have Bushmaster's artistic flair, I am a pretty competent tinkerer and electronics tech; most everything I have is modified or customized in some way; I guess that's just my OCD showing...

And I make a mean cornbread... Smile
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Veteran Operator

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