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Competitive or not?

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Post  Aardvark 12/6/2012, 13:22

Hey, Aardvark here,

Outside of paintball people know me as Bruce, the nice guy with a loving wife and son, a mortgage and a high tech job. Playing with the DC crew I'm pretty much the same guy except from time to time I shoot people in the face. Before I joined I had been playing paintball for quite a few years but at a limited capacity...roughly twice a year for the previous 5yrs. I was finding it harder and harder to find people to play with due to friends having families and other commitments in their lives so I began to feel that my paintball days were numbered. Then I managed to sit down with a few neighbors (pixguy & Inkman) and discovered that they were part of this club and I jumped at the chance to join. I've found good people, lots of fun, and a chance to play in an environment with players, friend or foe, that have the same kind of passion for the game as I do.

I'm currently an operator rockin' a stealthy looking A5 with an UMP stock, red dot, and Lapco silencer. Looking to upgrade very soon so stay tuned.

See you all out there.

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