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Niman's introduction

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Post  Niman 12/9/2012, 13:24

Hi, my name is Stéphane, I'm a self employed contractor. I'm a proud father of four (which the youngest daughter follows me to the field sometimes.) i have been playing rec paintball on and off for over 25 years but joined this team in the fall of 2011, after my paintball buddies all went their separate ways with different projects and occupations, and found great team spirit and a lot of knowledge in the paintball sport within the group. I'm a freelance kind of player with just anough reasoning to be able to follow some directions on the field to make it possible for me to participate in milsim (which is rubbing of on me). I love challenges, so don't be suprised if i take on suicide role missions like escort a VIP, recon, or simply stray away on my own Rambo mission until I snap out to realize i've left my fighting compagions behind,lol (no offence team leaders). I use a simple Rt A5 which does the trick for me. My main goal in paintball is to have fun. In my limited spare time I love to read, play chess, play with my kids online as MrNiman. Can't wait to see you all on the field again.
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